Exemplary Solutions: the Sprinter variants Panel Van, Tourer, Platform Vehicle, and Chassis Cab.

The new Sprinter.

Trendsetting, efficient, reliable.

The Sprinter loves to work and has already done so for over two decades. The vehicle with the “Star” was launched back in 1995, marking the start of a completely new way of working. Robustness, efficiency and reliability – these are the traits behind the Sprinter’s success, which have made it a trailblazer and paradigm-setter over the years.

The third Sprinter generation impresses with its progressive design plus comfort and safety features at a passenger car level. At the same time, it offers maximum cost-effectiveness thanks to lower total operating costs and customer-oriented features. It is so versatile that you are sure to find just the right variant for your transport tasks, and it looks so good that it’s sure to make a good impression. Its numerous vehicle variants and broad scope of equipment enable economical entry-level vehicles as well as panel vans and platform vehicles tailored precisely to the given operational requirements or Tourers with exclusively appointed passenger compartments.

Drivers benefit from the intelligent control and display concept, which can be matched perfectly to the vehicle’s mode of use – as can the choice of multimedia and assistance systems. Alongside all these new developments, we have taken care to preserve valuable assets. Many proven body and conversion solutions can remain in use without any major modifications. As such, the Sprinter applies innovative dexterity and more than 20 years of experience to set a new milestone as a pioneering, efficient and reliable mobility solution that will keep your company moving forward.

Sprinter Panel Van

  • 3 vehicle lengths: standard, long and extra-long
  • 3 roof heights: standard, high roof and super-high roof
  • A load compartment volume of up to 17 m3
  • Available with 3500 kg, 4100 kg and 5000 kg permissible gross vehicle weight, various additional load capacity upratings and reduction versions for a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 5500 kg  
  • A maximum payload of 2675 kg in conjunction with Sprinter Panel Van standard version, with standard roof height and 5000 kg permissible GVW  
  • Available with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive

Sprinter Tourer

  • 2 vehicle lengths: standard and long  
  • 2 roof heights: standard and high roof
  • Up to 3 seat rows which can be equipped with 2 and 3-bench seats, 15, 19, 22 seater possibilities available with the Sprinter Shuttle version.
  • Available with 3500 kg permissible GVW
  • Available with rear-wheel and all-wheel drive

Customised mobility solutions.

Ensuring your van can fully meet your professional requirements.

If your requirements are a little bit more specialised, Mercedes-Benz may well have just the right solution for you. We can assist you and offer you robust, optimally suited highly operational single-source body solutions or those of our certified partners. This way you will be optimally equipped for your construction site, your delivery operations or your specific trade.

The vehicle variants displayed in the images might not be available in all countries.